Diptipur Boys Hostel


The Diptipur Boys Hostel (DBH) is a small hostel, which aims to provide a secure environment for the holistic support of boys.

The Hostel provides accommodation for the children from villages in the district of Odisha India. This allows them to continue their education, which would be limited if this provision were not available. Children spend term time in the hostel, returning home during holidays.

The hostel is working to provide for the children in many ways including:

  • A safe, healthy, clean environment with the support of a caring staff.
  • A supportive place where their schooling is strengthened through use of a study area, and staff encouragement.
  • A holistic approach to their development including opportunities to contribute to the communities in which they live, through various development projects.
  • Spiritual support, through prayer times, daily bible devotions and Christian services (Sunday School).

Education creates opportunities. Children who go to school have a better chance of getting a job, are more aware of health risks and can make meaningful decisions about their own lives based on a better understanding of the world in which they live. The DBH gives children the chance to gain that vital education. When you sponsor a child your money goes to the running of the hostel, to school fees and the basic needs of the children.

How to sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child you begin to change their life. They are lifted out of the cycle of poverty and helplessness in which they are trapped. The child you support will be able to access education and other basic needs in a residential child care home.

For £240 a year you can change a life. That is just £20 per month, £5 weekly or 66p a day.

How will your money be used?

All your money goes to the support of the child in the Hostel. You will provide accommodation during term time, food, toiletries, a school uniform, school fees, and all the support needed to run the hostel. Our scheme aims to make it possible for the sponsored child to receive the education they need to create a better life for themselves.

When you first sign up to sponsor, you’ll receive a welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored child and information about them and their community. This will be followed by a letter or drawing from your sponsored child. You’ll receive an annual update and photograph, so that you can follow your sponsored child's progress. You will also be able to send personal messages and pictures, which are greatly valued by sponsored children and can really help to build strong relationships.

All you have to do now is to fill in the Sponsorship form (Available on request, see email below), which includes a direct debit mandate to your bank and we will do the rest, it couldn't be easier. We will then send you a welcome pack which will introduce you to your sponsored child and their community. We ask you to commit for at least 3 years, this will bring some stability to the children in the hostel. However we realise that situations change and you can if you wish stop your support at any time. We do ask that you give us at least a months notice if possible!


Three ways you can help :

Sponsoring a Child

For just £5 a week you can help support a child through their education years. Your money enables a child to stay at the Hostel, whilst receiving his education at a nearby school. Simply fill in the Stewardship sponsor form.


At any time you might wish to donate some money to the hostel.

Your money may go to the general running of the hostel, to a special gift for the children or to one of the projects in which the children are involved. The choice is yours.

Active involvement

Through the year teams will be travelling out to the Hostel to help in a number of ways. Decorating, repairing or rebuilding parts of the the hostel. On a less physical level, being involved in holiday club type activities. For those who want to help from home there is always administrative work to do.

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Indian hostel registration

Charity registration number: SRA-XXI-1860 ,SBL number: 1950-301 (1988-9)